What is Digital Literacy exactly?

From what I’ve been able to find, digital literacy is pretty much knowing how to use various forms of technology to find different types of information and create new information.  I feel like a pretty good definition can be found here:http://digitalliteracy.us/.

As technology advances more and more, the definition of digital literacy adjusts, or rather, more and more types of devices and mediums fall under the existing definition.  While this can seem daunting, I don’t think it has to be.  For our purposes as college students, gaining a basic understand of various internet formats is enough to know how to navigate the vast majority of other digital mediums.

I think I have a pretty good handle on digital literacy.  For other classes, I’ve never run into a huge problem while navigating a digital medium.  I definitely have had trouble with some of it, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t figure out pretty quickly.  With this class particularly, I had a class that required some of the same things, such as tweets and blog posts, so I don’t anticipate struggling with that aspect of it, but I do look forward to honing my abilities with them.

I’m honestly not sure what I want to learn from this class.  That sounds bad, but I can’t think of something concrete.  I’d say I’m more eager for the experience and to see where it takes me since I have no clue where it will.  With my last class that shared a similar format, we were learning about Adolescent Literature, so we were using the medium of the digital world to learn about that specific topic.  Here, however, we’re learning about using the mediums themselves and how to improve our personal digital literacy, which is really interesting.  That’s why I’m not sure what I “want” to learn.

I think one of the main things we can do to improve our digital literacy and fluency is to be open to changing our way of using the internet/digital mediums.  Since almost all of us have been using the Internet for many years, we’re probably somewhat set in our ways and pretty confident in our abilities, but I think we’ll be seeing a bunch of new ways to express ourselves and our ideas in this class.  If we resist adapting to this new information, we won’t get as much as we should out of this class.  So let’s keep an open mind.


8 thoughts on “What is Digital Literacy exactly?

  1. It is interesting when we are learning about learning. It is hard sometimes to get more concrete ideas. Honestly I think we will all be learning a little about everything and practicing with a variety of tools while we do it. I am interested to see what your Independent Learning Project will be! Also, love the Goodreads widget!


  2. Brian,
    I definitely agree with you when you say you have no idea what to think when it comes to this class. There is a lot of topics that come with this very broad term of Digital Literacy. It will be interesting to see where this class takes us all. Can’t wait and great blog!


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